International Area

This section includes the initiatives related to the internationalization macro-area such as travels abroad, international exchanges and communities of practice.

Learning experiences abroad help the participants to consider the approaches followed in foreign countries and then compare them with those adopted in their work context. Parallel to the visits, international exchange events are organized linked to the ongoing developments in the various European realities. Finally, the innovative phenomenon of communities of practice informally involves key actors around common working practices, involving knowledge, aims and languages.


The Italian excellence of training in Milan - Innovation in dialogue with Diversity

The Italian excellence of training in Milan

Innovation in dialogue with Diversity


The study visit focused on offering a knowledge and networking opportunity with the national realities that distinguished themselves in the course of 2018-2019 for highly innovative training models within their organizations.

The day included a meeting with companies that compete for the prestigious Olivetti Prize. In a 15-minute pitch, each company will talk about the training processes has carried out, contributing to innovation and the evolution of skills.

Participants of the study visit had a chance to understand what are the opportunities that education can offer to the development and enhancement of their internal governance and with the relevant stakeholders’ relations.

In addition, they participated in outdoor training experience of "Dialogue in the Dark" with the Italian Blind Association on the theme of diversity and the development of different skills


In-depth Materials



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