International Area

This section includes the initiatives related to the internationalization macro-area such as travels abroad, international exchanges and communities of practice.

Learning experiences abroad help the participants to consider the approaches followed in foreign countries and then compare them with those adopted in their work context. Parallel to the visits, international exchange events are organized linked to the ongoing developments in the various European realities. Finally, the innovative phenomenon of communities of practice informally involves key actors around common working practices, involving knowledge, aims and languages.


The #AugmentedClass

The #AugmentedClass


A proposal born from the need to provide teachers with innovative tools for developing student skills. In particular, the student is placed at the center of the educational action in all its aspects and, in this perspective, the proposed activity has developed through a Writing and Reading workshop.

The workshop is intended and structured in a Renaissance sense: students become artisans of writing and are treated as apprentices-writers. The teacher acquires skills to model and bring out practices and behaviors by offering method, strategies and advice to students to make them grow as student-apprentices


In-depth Materials



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