International Area

This section includes the initiatives related to the internationalization macro-area such as travels abroad, international exchanges and communities of practice.

Learning experiences abroad help the participants to consider the approaches followed in foreign countries and then compare them with those adopted in their work context. Parallel to the visits, international exchange events are organized linked to the ongoing developments in the various European realities. Finally, the innovative phenomenon of communities of practice informally involves key actors around common working practices, involving knowledge, aims and languages.


Strengthening of urban business centres

Strengthening of urban business centres through regeneration and social innovation

The study visit was designed to ensure a rapid immersion in the peculiarities of the context, through the discovery of ongoing best practices, the investigation of past initiatives and a direct comparison with actors who are planning future ones.

Barcelona is a city with its unique characteristics considered as one of the smartest. Like all smart cities transform urban spaces through technological innovation, improve quality of life of citizens, and generate business opportunities, increasing possibilities for collaboration, education, recreation.

The initiative has combined different perspectives, sewing together interests for public partners, the economic private and third sector. The experiences analyzed represent cases of strategic value in which new balances and strategies have been tested to create a mutually reinforcing system between private, public and social interests.

It was an opportunity to learn the results of a ten-year course of research, experimentation and continuous innovation, characterized by peculiar features but also by fundamental elements of context, largely comparable to those of the territory with greater urbanization in the Veneto region.


In-depth Materials



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